Sunday, August 16, 2015

Come Back with new enthusiasm.. :)

Hello Everyone! How are you all? It has been long time here to write a new post. Sorry for that. Actually, I was a kind of busy for My JLPT exams and Delhi University entrance exam. He he.. I prepared myself by watching lots of anime named Naruto. By the way my exile period from Japanese was so much ups and very much down situations. Even very shaking due to earthquake also. :D Well, that was a another story. Here, in Delhi I steamed myself in May and June periods. You know guys when you don't have any work and don't have any reason for future dream. It was so frustrating. Since last year October to June this year. Very tough time for me. But you know guys, aadmi jaldi nhi audharta hai. :p So same I was. I tried to settle myself in Delhi Life which was quite boring when you have nothing to do anything. I tried hard to spend my time useful but not much succeeded. I get involved myself busy in watching Japanese movies, Dramas and animation. :) I completed almost all famous movies of Hayayo Miyazaki. Kikujiro by Takeshi Kitano, Asunaro Hakusho, Kira Kira Hikaru, One Literu Namida, Shin chan, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist.etc and still enjoying.. OK. Well then next time
Salaba.... 🙌🙋📖

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