Wednesday, August 26, 2015

कुछ अच्छा नही चल रहा है.

  दोस्तों! कैसे हो भाई लोग? अपना भी दिल्ली में कट ही रहा है. पर आज कल कुछ अच्छा नही चल रहा है. अभी मैंने कल के ही पोस्ट में लिखा था कि हफ्ते भर रिलायंस का अत्याचार सहे. और जब हम आवाज़ कड़ी किये तो पता चला कि नुकसान तो मेरा ही हुआ है. और बाद  में मेरा आर्डर किया फ्लिपकार्ट से मोटोरोला मोबाइल भी नही आया. फिर शाम को हमारे मकान मालिक के पियकड़ भाई ने हमसे 200 रूपया भी मांग लिया और बोला कि सवेरे दे देंगे. पर अब तो शाम हो  गयी है और महाशय नज़र भी नही आ रहे हैं. और उपर से हमे और भी बुरा लग रहा है. क्यूंकि भाभी रो रही थी. वो बोल रही थी कि बच्चा बड़ा हो रहा है और इनकी दारु पीने की आदत नही जा रही है.  मैंने उनके दुःख बढाने में मदद कि थी. और आज सवेरे कि बात. मैं फीस जमा करने गया तो पटा चला कि मेरा इनरोलमेंट नंबर नही है. मेरा काम नही हुआ. फिर बैठे कल कि ट्रेन तत्काल में बुक कराने. ससुरा टाइमिंग ही खराब कि वेटिंग हो गया. राम जाने घरो जा पायेंगे कि नाही. बस येही सब तंगी में आपण मेन काम पढ़ाई नही हो रही है. दिमाग कि उथल पुथल और पैसों का जंजाल. कब मिलेगा रे छुटकारा. परेसान हैं हम.........

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Reliance Wi-pod's WIFI SUFFERING.. :'(

I requested for internet connection from website. After a person called me after about 10 days and telling me prize and plan for connection. I agreed that time because it seemed very good. Next they person named Deepak Sharma came to my house and gave a wi-pod device and collected documents and off course money also. He told me that my data card will be activated next day evening. It was 19 Aug, 2015. I checked next day 20 Aug,2015 but it was not activated. I called him, he told me that they have some server problem. He promised till next day evening, it will be activated. Again same thing happened and next two days 21 Aug and 22 Aug also and same promise was told by him. On 22 Aug Evening, he told me that my documents was sent and it will be activated soon. I tried on whole sunday and monday ie 23 and 24 Aug also. on Monday, He gave to another number to ask him. His name is Ravindra. He also promised that he would check and reply till 6:30pm. I waited and called him at 7:00pm but he did not reply. Then I wrote an SMS to both of them that I will go to office and ask for cut my connection and returned my 1800 RS. Then immediately a call from landline number came to me. His name was Prashant and he assured me to wait till today 25 Aug Morning. I waited till 12:00 pm. But all was waste. They lied. BIG CHEATERS!!!
I decided to go Reliance Center Delhi (Address-Ex Rajeet Hotel, Maharaja Ranjeet Singh Marg, Barakhamba, New Delhi).
  I went there and found what that same data card is price 499 rs only. I was totally cheated. One lady was laughing at me and told that I was cheated. I was fooled by Reliance. I could not do anything for my money. By the way, a person there solved my problem. I GOT ACTIVATED DATA CARD . But I FEEL VERY BAD for not able to do AGAINST THEM. I can not get my money back. I called after Mr. Deepak Sharma, he told me that now he don't have any relation with this issue because I activated my data card from outlet. Office was right but I met wrong person there. As he told that I had to meet Mr. Prashant or Vivek. But how can I know when I don't know hoe to reach them. I front of me there were 3 cabin where I could slove my problem and no thing else. He told that he could not do anything about it. TOTALLY CHEATERS!! THEY ARE LIARS.
Mr. Deepak Sharma- 9313186522
Mr. ravindra- 9311998182
Mr Prashant- landline no- +911130463396

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Come Back with new enthusiasm.. :)

Hello Everyone! How are you all? It has been long time here to write a new post. Sorry for that. Actually, I was a kind of busy for My JLPT exams and Delhi University entrance exam. He he.. I prepared myself by watching lots of anime named Naruto. By the way my exile period from Japanese was so much ups and very much down situations. Even very shaking due to earthquake also. :D Well, that was a another story. Here, in Delhi I steamed myself in May and June periods. You know guys when you don't have any work and don't have any reason for future dream. It was so frustrating. Since last year October to June this year. Very tough time for me. But you know guys, aadmi jaldi nhi audharta hai. :p So same I was. I tried to settle myself in Delhi Life which was quite boring when you have nothing to do anything. I tried hard to spend my time useful but not much succeeded. I get involved myself busy in watching Japanese movies, Dramas and animation. :) I completed almost all famous movies of Hayayo Miyazaki. Kikujiro by Takeshi Kitano, Asunaro Hakusho, Kira Kira Hikaru, One Literu Namida, Shin chan, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist.etc and still enjoying.. OK. Well then next time
Salaba.... 🙌🙋📖