Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bad Result for me!!

Guys!! Result came out and obviously I was not selected for Kizuna Project to go to Japan. That was my dream but I had not done hard work for that. I became already hopeless because I have not Passport and next therefore I had not done hard work for that. Sensei was also unhappy with us. But She made promise to us to perform best in main level 2 examination. I promised to Sensei. I till then I am involved to let down Kanji nad all others. I was sad not for dis selection for Japan But for exam, not performing well in front of Sensei. I have lost Sensei's belief. We always drink tea after classes. Our Sensei was obviously hoping that we would perform better. But we did not do that as should. Ya, when Sensei messaged the result. I felt sad from myself. I had no dare to face Sensei. I knew that Sensei was also sad from our performance. She told to me that is there her Hindi is bad that you all unable to understand what I teach you. No, Sensei's Hindi is so good. Only I had not done hard work for that. Sorry Sensei.. Next time You never Sad from us... Sensei warattiru.... :)

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