Thursday, January 24, 2013

Today Japanese Selection exam!!

今日日本語のしけんがあった。しけんはむずかしでした。しけんがわるいんなった。12にんはしけんはあげました。きょうはとてもさむいもいるんですから、みんな勉強した、わすれたんです。So Sad!! I could not perform well today. Honestly speaking I was stuck in lesson 26 and did only research on that. I was nervous today too much because I had not prepared much as Sensei expected to me. Sorry, Sensei.. I become too lazy even for my future. What will happen to me? I don't know.. I am able to give many excuses for it. But totally, It was my blunder.. I accepted my guilt. Next Time I will do hard...  I said this sentence for calm down to me. but you know even I can not believe myself then what about Sensei! How she can believe me?? Gomen Ne.. 

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