Thursday, April 8, 2010

Central Idea of ‘Education of Nature’

‘Education of Nature’ is one of the Lucy poems written by William Wordsworth, a poet of nature. Nature to Wordsworth was inspiring, vibrant and spiritual.
In this poem, Lucy is a lovely creation of Wordsworth. Nature adopts her as her child and decides to bring her under her guidance. By the nature she will be free to move every part of surroundings. She will be as a baby deer, will learn the quality of silence, calmness and patience. The motion of clouds will teach her to be graceful. Bending of below tree will teach her modesty and humbleness. Starts will teach her to be happy even in negative situation of life. She will be living under the guidance of nature. Nature dreams one day she will be turned to a nature lady. But suddenly Lucy died. Everything became peaceful. Poet as well as nature was also sad. Only her memories around her were in the mind of nature.
This poem is one of the Lucy poems. The stanzas in the poem rhyme aab, ccb. This poem was a doctrine propagated by the French philosopher. Through this poem, poet impresses on us that nature is a perfect teacher.
Poetic Beauty
1. This is one of the Lucy poems.
2. It expresses the poet’s view on nature and it role in building and shaping the character of a child.
3. The language is simple, beautiful and musical.
4. The writing style is subjective.
5. There is very beautiful imagination and music in this poem.
6. The rhyme scheme is aab, ccb.
7. The title of the poem is taken from Palgrave.
8. It is an inspirational poem.
9. It teaches us that we should care our nature because nature is the perfect teacher.