Wednesday, December 11, 2013

JLPT Exam Over. JLPT Shiken ha Otsukaresma deshita.

Hey!! My all untouched friends, how are you all? Hope all enjoying with their Healthy Body and Mind. So, You asked about me? Thanks. Me also fine here just living life with my friends, family and my Solitude. Today, I am writing this blog to say my Japanese teachers Thank you!  This year they did a lot of hard work on me so that I can perform better in JLPT exam. On 1 Dec, 2013; I took JLPT exam in Delhi. It was as usual as it was. The important thing for me was that I could meet all my seniors and this thing makes me happy. So, That day, class was changed. That day, the class was same when I took N5 Level. And you know the same boy sat near to me had sit on N5. This time We said Hi! with exchanging smiles. I even don't know his name even. But I like to meet him again as same way no knowing each others name. :)
So, about exam-
      In first paper, Kanji was seemed to me more easier than last time because of more practice. Almost first paper was done well. But some questions were gone wrong. First, I could not recognize Finger (Yubi)'s Kanji. Second, in vocab section the meaning of Niko-Niko suru. It was To Laugh. :(
     In Second Paper, the most terrible paper form me. I lost my time in reading the long comprehensions.When the investigator said that only 5 min had been left, I found that I had not even read last two questions.  I just completed last two questions hurriedly. I did not care whether I was right or wrong. Therefore, I fear that this paper may affect my whole result. :(
   In third Paper, Listing was almost done Ok Ok. But in real sense, I could not concentrate on audios. I could take full enjoyment of whole paper. But I hope this off attitude will not affect on results. :D
                                                                                                           And rest next time,
                                                                                                            Bye- Bye Sayonara.
Minna No Nihongo 2-2 Textbook (with CD)

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