Saturday, September 21, 2013

RECAPPING THE PAST @ Lanka Chai ki Dukaan!!!

So, Friends!! Tadaima.... After long time my mood is in fertile condition to write something...
So, there is month of September and I still live in Varanasi.. By the way, there is no use to stay here in Varanasi but something is still here which bond me to stay. Don't know what is that.. May be for Friends, or for Japanese or May be Both!! So, I am talking about this September. This month had come with many changes; changes in situations of Japanese class, changes in myself, changes in Sensei...... So many changes, so many happenings in previous few days... and Yesterday me Nobita San RECAPPING THE PAST MOVEMENT OF PAST.@ Lanka Chai ki Dukaan.
  • Last Feb, I met you at the Japanese Cultural Event, 2013. We had little talk that time.
  • Next, We celebrated Sensei's B'Day party at sensei's home. Tanoshii katta..
  • Sono ato de, on 2 or 3 of March Watashitachi ha Raj Dari and Dev Dari ni ikimashta. Picnic with Nao Sensei, Suzy Sensei and we Gakusei,
  • Sore kara, We went for Ganga Isnaan. Danger.. awww!! demo, sono hi ha totemo yokatta. watashitachi ha takusan hanashi mashita @ Shiva Cafe.
  • The time had come when our officially class had been over. That day was totally ever minding in my mind. We talk to our Nao Sensei about our future. Nao Sensei, soro soro osewa ni narimashita.
  • At day of 25th of April, Nao Sensei had come to my Hostel to meet me. ureshii katta. I hadned over a letter to which I tried  to write in whole night.
  • The day of 26 of May, Suzuki Sensei mo Nihon ni kaeru node, Varanasi kara demashita. We went to eki to see off Sensei.
  • Oh, I forgot to mention Bau Shaab ki Chai and at Lanka again Chai. Thank U Bahu Shaab and Lanka no chai mise. 
  • Oh, The last class.. every one had nakushi mashita.
  • I remember that movement when me and Nobita see off Suzy Sensei, at returning he wept lot.
  • Changes had been coming on June and July and August also.
  • So, September came, I met Reioko San, Shizuka San, Yurika San and Yagi Sensei. Miyagi no Gakusei. Kyonen no Dec ni Varanasi ni kimashita. Ureshii katta.
  • On 3rd September, We met a Japanese group. I enjoyed Origami, Shodo and last discussion.
  • 5th of September @ 12:00am, Happy B'Day  Reioko San. 
  • When they return, the movement again became emotional. Nobita was feeling very bad coz they were returning to Japan. #Sayonaro daik suki na hito.. when we come down form the train, Train has been started but suddenly it stopped and also my Heart wanted to go in that Flash Back carriage. 
  • Again , One week gap at home, I returned to Varanasi. Something missing here right now... Coz Specially to Nao Sesnei, I say" Sorry!" "Gomen na sai!" for not contacting you when I was at home.  
Ima only I have to Ganbari masu........ And I do.. \( `.∀´)/

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