Friday, May 10, 2013

Now become Graduate but still Bachelor....

Hello guys.. How are you all?  My all Exams are over.. feeling free but yet concerning to the competitive entrance exams. If I conclude my exams, some have gone good and some have gone bad. This time only waiting for results. This Semester I have to appear in 9 exams including Practicals, 3 Back Papers and 3 Main Hons. subject. Mission was so hard and may be I had not prepared as I should. Therefore you know Guys, my Back mathematics exam had gone worst, my Stratigraphy exam had gone bad and my  economic geology exam had gone no so good. Feeling so tense but what should be done now? nothing na! Only waiting for result na...
  These 3 years has now on end. Feeling so bad for friends, Sensei and off course for Varanasi. First time when I came to Varanasi from Lucknow, I felt noisy, polluted and dirty Banaras. I amazed how foreign people come to Varanasi. Whether they come here to see City's noise, dirtiness, pollution, animals and people or they come here for Spiritual mood, Viewing Ganga River, viewing Temples of different gods and Ghats of Ganga. I didn't know. But when I used to live in this city, I started to feel some special attachment for this city and started to enjoy Banarasi Life. Except of BHU, whole city is much noisy and rods are jerking your body. You know a theme is famous for Banaras " Rand, Sand, Saint and steps of Ghats. If you save yourself from these things, you are able to survive in this city."
 Thus I became to survive in this city. How  have these 3 years spent? Don't know. These 3 year, I saw many changes in this city, in my study, in my friends and off course in mine. If I talk about my position in study, I always stood 1st or 2nd rank from behind. Every time I worried about my study especially Mathematics and even still waiting for my back paper exams results. So, this is my study life. Meanwhile, in 2nd year, I entered in Japanese Diploma course. After that my intention changed towards foreign languages. Gradually, I made far distance from my major subjects.
Our Lovely Sensei!! ❤ ❤ 

Masti wid Friends in last year HOLI! 

Nihon no jugyo no tomodachi!

Last day of 1st Level Exam in Visual art. Snap by Grima!

Minna Baka!! :P
Yu Makino San in Varanasi! Fully Masti!

Masti with Yuki Tabata, our Japanese Friend! 
Therefore, I was hardly passed in my major subjects. So this is my study condition. Let it be here, lets talk about other things. In these 3 years, I thank to GOD for giving me such nice FRIENDS, I thank to GOD for meeting me to SENSEI. Both Sensei, Nao Sensei and Suzuki Sensei are awesome. Throughout my life I remember them. LOVE YOU ALL. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

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