Sunday, November 11, 2012

Deepalwali Chutti!!

Hello My dear offline friends!! First of all Wish You Happy Depawali. Have Pathakaful Diwali!! This time my all friends are going to home but I am staying here and not going to home. I and my partner stay here to celebrate Diwali at hostel. A sudden silence is going in hostel. My room partner have test after DIWALI, so he stays here but I have not test even I am not going to home. I plan to revise my syllabus during these holidays and plan to prepare for exam which will come in next month. Lets see how I'll stand success on my plane because you know my nature. I am so lazy and I hardly concentrate on my study. Due to this problem I got back in my calculus subject and I have only last chance to pass it otherwise I will be expelled out form graduation and even I have not touch it. So, imposing all this on GOD!! God help me.. :'( :'(

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