Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life for no thing!!!

Hey I am here in BHU these time with my sisters for their entrance exam. But what about myself I have been here starving for good marks since last year and still there is no reason found for my good marks. What should I do for it... I am still karing Bakwaas for my future and aiming for nothing.. In these summer I had planned to do many things but still I have not thouched my books yet I am BACK HOLDER.
I want to do somthing good for my career but I am perplexed to do what?? I am still in dileema and trying to do. But theses are only my thinking. Ya extra thinking is problem for me. But I am stiill Thinking. This makes me unhappy and hopeless. I am unable to find my reight way. When I am happy? I am always thinking about this. Perhaps when success comes to my way. I am Day Dreamer. And this is the main problem. Sapne to bahut dekhte hain hum, Sapne to bahut dekhte hain hum, Per in sapno me jaan dalne ka aukaad hume na mili abhi tak!!!!
Ya my condition at this time is like this!!!! :(

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