Monday, May 17, 2010

Result Mania

Hello friends! Today I am so emotional because there are so many questions for my result which will come to 27th May are wandering in my mind. What will be to my result? I am so anxious. My night become u know make me fearful. So I can not sleep whithout any tension. Tensions are moving around me like sprits. Nowadays I am thinking always about my result. What will be? Will it good or......? But I know I should not think for my result. That timet I will in VINDHYACHAL. So I pray to MATA RANI to help me. I will get marks that make me proud to go before my teachers and my friends. I will not feel ashame in my result. I am sure that I will pass. But I am in doubt whether my result may excellent, good or I don't know. Oh GOD! Please help me!

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