Sunday, May 16, 2010

Real Pollution

The fumes of auto and smoke of bus, is this the real pollution for us.
As far as I concern, from sense of mine, they are less hurting to any mankind.
This smoke can be checked from time to time. But one thing is there which is polluting mind.
The corruption and cheating are becoming the fashion. The leaders are here without country passion.
The loving of chair without any care, In election of CM and election of Mayor.
The owners are busy in fighting elections, and selecting new parties for increasing corruption.
To become anything in the life, the ways are open with a bribe.
In real mean these things are main pollution, for which we need quick solution.
To make our country at highest place, remove these things, which are hollowing our base.
There should be love without any have, them we can our India is great.

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