Friday, February 12, 2010

Save Our Country From Desi Worm!!

I am very disturbed to listen the News over the controversy of the film "MY NAME IS KHAAN". I am anxious what is going on to my country. The political leaders behave like a child who does not know about right or wrong. If they behave like this and do not care of Law, I am sure they help India to push into the well. They destroy our country. They are dangerous than any terrorist. Some political worms are "Shiv Sena" & "Manse". Our government should ban on these Parties like "Simmy". I say Sihvsena and manse Murdabad!! Murdabad!!! I hate very much to these two parties. They are very greedy. They do not think about the Unity Of India. They only think how to destroy the unity of our country by speaking only on Marathi unnati. But in real way they totally ruin their maraathipan theirselves!!!
So Be aware Baal Thakre and Raj Thakre from any Utsav who will dare to ruin your existence!!!

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