Saturday, October 23, 2010

ओफ्फ हे! भगवान बज़ गया बैंड मेरा।

हेल्लो मेरे दोस्तों! यारों आज़ हम लोगों को कापी दिखायी गयी मेरे को तो सदमा लग गया। केवल 10% पाया हूँ। बहूहू.....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

he bhagwaan utha le dewa!!!! mere ko nahi ye mid sem teat ko!!!!!!!!!!

hello!!! me kya bhataun!! apna haal to bahut kaharaab hai!!! mere mid sem test ikdam kabada ho raha hai!!! kya bataun!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.............
me dhyaan laga ke padhai karta bt jo padhta hoon kambakth paper me phasta nahi hai!!1
bahhuuuuuuu mummy............
Utha le deva!!!!!!!!!11

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hey Doston!!!! We have enjoying our freshers party!!!

hey doston!!!! kaise ho??? mai ek baat batana cahata hoon ki hum logon ne is 18 tarekh ko PMG ki Freshers Party enjoy ki Jiska Nam tha """ABHUDYA""". Is freshers party me sabne khoob enjoy kiya.sbse pahele hamare param pujnie Malvia ji ko Pusp arpit kiya gaya!!! uske baad program start hua Narender se!! usne sabse pahele """ Bharat ka rahene wala hoon""" wala gana gaya!! Manine bhi Poem kiya. Mere poem ke bool tha"""MAA"""...........................
Ye Hamare New Lecture Theatre Ka AUDITORIUM hai jahaan hamara freaher party hui thi!!!!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

oh me gonna in dilemaa!!!!

hello my imagine friend!!! i am starving in banars. as i told u that this is very holy place where u can achieve the way of salvation... bt what about the roads of the this city!!! OG GOD!!! so many jerks are felt when u are in visiting the banaras that is ready to make ur stomach soumdful and when u jump up early in morning.........
u feel this sound very clearly... ok after ending my bakwaas a new bakwaas is rest in future............

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hey Friends!!!

Mahamana Malviya ji!!
Hello My Friends!!! After a long time I am coming to write new Post!!! Is time me in Banaras stdying in BHU!!! Ye University kuch khaas hai!!! iski baat hi niraali hai!!! ab mai kya bataun yahaan ki baat too hard work with patience ke saath!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

जिंदगी चलती जायेगी

ये जिंदगी है मेरी कभी न खत्म होती,
ये ज़िंदगी है मेरी अपने में ही रहती है खोती,
कमियों से भरी ये जिन्दगी,
फिर भी ये चलती जाती,
दु:खों से भरी ये जिन्दगी,
फिर भी ये बढ़ती जाती।
सोच सही निशाना पक्का,
कुछ भी न रहे कच्चा कच्चा,
मिल जायेगी मंजिल भी कहीं,
ये ज़िंदगी चलती जायेगी।
जिंदगी भरी है कष्टोँ से,
नहीं चलेगी ये सस्तों से,
फिर भी क्या सोच बढ़ती जायेगी,
ये जिन्दगी बढ़ती जायेगी॥

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I am SAD!!! :(

Who am I?

I don't know why?

Where I go?

I don't know why?

What should I do?

I don't know why?

Why am cry?

I don't know why?

Where I belong?

I don't know why?

What is my destiny?

I don't know why?

This why I am sad!!

But I don't know why;

Why am I sad?????

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh God!!! I escaped!!! :-)

Hi friends!! Today is sunday and I had made many planned for it. Yesterday my friend Amit said to me to be ready for going to Educational Expo near Janpath Market. So today I woke up 4:00am. Start lappy and then orkutting and other net stuff. As regular I go for exercise but today I could not go for it because laziness had caught me and at early in the morning I am envolved in net surfing. When my sister scolded me I gave this honey type attraction. I han freshen up till 10:00 am and after praying when I decided to breakfast, my friend Anand came and talk till 10:45 am. After that my friend Rajat had called me for coming his home but I had to go with Amit. Yet I went to Rajat's home. He shows me his newly come computer but it was not working. So called me. But I investigate the problem, i found that it needed to format. I said him that I'll come after meeting to Amit. I went to Amit's home. Went to Educational Expo but it was not opened. So we return and while returning I purchased 5 DVDs from Computer Hub Market name NAZA MARKET. Ok, done I return home, filled up the LU form. Then I collected my Windows CD, went to his home. But unfortunatlly, I was found that the CD drive was also in not running condition. So, I have to gave up this and made the mind up to show this to a computer repairing man. We went to 8 number Cauraha. At returning time, at my friends home, I met to a horrible and scared things and was a monkey sitting on the lawn. I tried to let him away to see my eyes to him and thunder voice to make him terrified but was too fearless and was coming to scare me. My hand was empty so I decided to take a piece of brik but when I was trying to take the piece, he was caming near to me but he was not alone as I thought that he was alone and we were two brave persons to fear him away. But I was wrong, another muscular monkey was also there. And they tried to attacked on me. but thank you God who sent Aunty to save us with stick. But after that my legs were shaking. I met from this condition at the first time. Oh my God! such a horrible condition!!!! I scream........................................................
Help Help......... :-0 :-(

उफ़ ये रिजल्ट!

हैल्लौ दोस्तोँ ! केम छो? शब भालो ना! तो भाई लोग ये बड़ा कठिन समय चल रहा है। ये परिणाम का मौसम है। और इस बदलते हुये मौसम में सब अपना ख्याल रखना। मैँने तो प्राथमिक चिकित्सा का व्यवस्था कर रखी है। तो आगे बढ़ते हैं..
मैंने उत्तर प्रदेश इण्टरमीडिएट बोर्ड का एग्ज़ाम दिया था। रिज़ल्ट के इन्तज़ार में दिल धक धक करने लगा। रातें तन्हा हो गयीं। सपनों में केवल ये ही नज़र आता था। मेरी नींद मेरा चैन सब इसने छीन लिया। मैँ तो अपने को बेगाना महसूस करने लगा। ओके इतनी बुरी स्थिति में भी मैंने अपने आप को हिम्मत देता रहा। तो आया 25 मई भगवान की अराधना की। मेरा रक्तचाप असंतुलित हो गया। मैंने कुछ उपचार किये। फिर अपनों मित्रों को मोर्चे पर बैठने के लिये कह दिया। आया 12:30pm और आया मेरा रिजल्ट। THAK GOD U save me! I gained 70% marks.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My suffering examination trip.

Hi friends!!! i am travelling to Banaras. This is my examation trip.... and I suffer with this trip....

Friday, May 21, 2010

This time for journey!

Hey Good Morning! My knight friends, now I am going to Varanashi for taking examination for gratuation. There are two exams first 22 MAY and second 25 May and after 27 May I decide whether I return Lucknow or not?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Result Mania

Hello friends! Today I am so emotional because there are so many questions for my result which will come to 27th May are wandering in my mind. What will be to my result? I am so anxious. My night become u know make me fearful. So I can not sleep whithout any tension. Tensions are moving around me like sprits. Nowadays I am thinking always about my result. What will be? Will it good or......? But I know I should not think for my result. That timet I will in VINDHYACHAL. So I pray to MATA RANI to help me. I will get marks that make me proud to go before my teachers and my friends. I will not feel ashame in my result. I am sure that I will pass. But I am in doubt whether my result may excellent, good or I don't know. Oh GOD! Please help me!

देश बड़ा हो जाएगा।

नन्हा बीज एक बो दो तुम,
वही पेड़ बन जाएगा।
छोटा सा तुम दीप जला दो,
अन्धकार मिट जाएगा।
मीठा बोल अगर बोलो तो,
अपनापन बढ़ जाएगा।
बिना रूके चलते जाओ तो,
तुम्हें लक्ष्य मिल जाएगा॥
अगर ईंट पर ईंट धरो तो,
देश बड़ा हो जाएगा।

My Dream (A Vision Of Peace)

Where the mountains touch the sky
Where poets DREAM, where eagles fly
A secret place above the crowd
Just beneath a silver-lined cloud.

Lift your eyes to a snowy peak
And see the soon-to-be we seek
Whisper DREAMS and let them rise
To the mountains old and wise.

Climbers climb, it's time to try
Where the mountains touch the sky
Take me there. Oh take me now...
Someway, Someday, Somewhere, Somehow!
Where the ocean meets the sky
Where dolphin dance and seagulls fly
A place in DREAMS, I know so well
The sea inside a single shell.

Far across the living sea
A pale blue possibility
Beyond the castles made of sand
Tomorrow in a small child's hand.

Only DREAMERS need apply
Where the ocean meets the sky
Take me there. Oh take me now...
Someway, Someday, Somewhere, Somehow.

A common ground for one and all
Behind the crystal waterfall
Where Peace flows like a mighty stream
Like Dr. King I have a DREAM.

Imagine such a goal in sight
For red and yellow, black and white
New Delhi, Peking, Kenya, Rome
Earth is the place that we call home.

Baghdad, Bangkok, Tel Aviv
One race HUMAN, we still believe
It matters what we say and do
This DREAM is ME, this DREAM is YOU!

When walls of hate have fallen fast
When prejudice has long since passed
When last is first and first is last

Come DREAM with me
Where the forest reach the sky
Wake up and DREAM and don’t be shy.

No thorns of war, a perfect rose
This is where Gandhi's DREAM grows
Whisper now; let the DREAM begin
It's time to trust the truth within.

This is where we seek and find
A gift in being colorblind
DREAM on DREAMERS, hopes are high
Where the forest reach the sky.

Take me there. Oh take me now
Someway, Someday, Somewhere, Somehow.

Now, listen close, the future calls...
Build your bridges and tear down walls!
For time has taught and so it seems
Realities are born of DREAMS!

Blessed are the peacemakers...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Book Versus TV

Everybody asked the child,
"What will you select?
Your old and dusty books,
Or your brand new TV set?"
The child replied,
"I'd love to fancy the TV set,
But one must understand,
That Television is the worst enemy.
A child can have on land.
Firstly it occupies the child,
It changes his brain to lead.
It changes him to couch potato
It kills his imagination dead.
The books on the other hand,
Are the best of man's creations.
They improve the child's wit and humour;
They give wings to his imagination."
The people nodded to the truth,
Like statues they stood.
And when they left,
'Books are than the television,
They had understood.'

Real Pollution

The fumes of auto and smoke of bus, is this the real pollution for us.
As far as I concern, from sense of mine, they are less hurting to any mankind.
This smoke can be checked from time to time. But one thing is there which is polluting mind.
The corruption and cheating are becoming the fashion. The leaders are here without country passion.
The loving of chair without any care, In election of CM and election of Mayor.
The owners are busy in fighting elections, and selecting new parties for increasing corruption.
To become anything in the life, the ways are open with a bribe.
In real mean these things are main pollution, for which we need quick solution.
To make our country at highest place, remove these things, which are hollowing our base.
There should be love without any have, them we can our India is great.

Hurrha!!! I feel Very good!!!!!!

Hey I have just added amazon advert in my blog. I hope that may be helpful for my blog in also for me....
So I think that I have to  write so many things that may helpful for my readers and it may more helpful for me.. heee

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

जसविंदर शर्मा की कहानी— 'समर्पण'

अम्मा से वह मेरी अंतिम मुलाक़ात थी।
उसे अंतिम मुलाक़ात कहना सही नहीं होगा क्यों कि मेरे गाँव पहुँचने से पहले ही
अम्मा जा चुकी थी- मृत्युलोक से दूर, हर दुख-तकलीफ़ से परे। पिछली बार जब मैं उसे
मिलने आया था तो वह बोली थी, ''बेटे, बहुत हो चुकी उम्र! पोते-पड़पोते देख लिए। अब
ईश्वर का बुलावा आ जाए तो अच्छा है! बिस्तर पर न गिरूँ मैं! मोह-ममता नहीं छुटती, बस! तुझ में ध्यान रहता है। तेरा बड़ा भाई मनोहर तो यहीं गाँव में ही रहता है। उसके
बच्चे तो ब्याहे गए। तेरे अभी कुँवारे हैं। उनका घर बस जाता तो सुख की साँस लेकर
मरती मैं।

मैं उसे समझाता, ''अम्मा, हमारी चिंता
मत किया कर। हम लोग मज़े में हैं। बच्चों को अच्छी शिक्षा दिलवा दी है। सब मज़े कर
रहे हैं। खाते-कमाते हैं। वहाँ के संस्कार कुछ और ही हैं, अम्मा। मनोहर के बच्चों
जैसे नहीं कि जो बापू ने बोल दिया वह पत्थर की लकीर नई सदी के इस मोड़ पर मुझे भी
यह बात सालती है, मगर क्या करूँ? समय के साथ चलना पड़ता है। मैं अपने बच्चों का
भाग्य-विधाता तो हूँ नहीं कि जबरन उन्हें शादी के मंडप में बिठा दूँ। अम्मा! जब
उनका ब्याह होगा तो उनके साथ रहना और कठिन हो जाएगा। एक कोठी में दो परिवार। पहले
उनके लिए कोई फ्लैट का बंदोबस्त हो जाए तो शादी के लिए उनके पीछे पडूँ।''
के मारे अम्मा की आँखें खुली रह गईं। बोली, ''इतना निर्मोही है तू। शादी करते ही
बच्चों को अलग कर देगा!

मैं बोला, ''वहाँ हर आदमी आज़ादी चाहता है। मेरी बेटी दिव्या तो अमरीका जाने का
जुगाड़ बना रही है। वहीं घर भी बसा लेगी। कंप्यूटर इंजीनियर है। अम्मा, आज के बच्चे
अपने मन के हैं। उनके रास्ते में कोई रुकावट नहीं डाल सकते हम लोग, नहीं तो परिणाम
और भी बुरे हो सकते हैं।

दो अलग-अलग संस्कृतियों के बीच झूलता हूँ मैं, जब गाँव
में प्रवेश करता हूँ। जिस परिवेश में मैं पैदा हुआ, बड़ा हुआ, अब वही सब कितना
तुच्छ, सुविधाविहीन और पिछड़ा हुआ लगता है। यहाँ रुककर अब ऐसा लगता है कि कुछ दिन
और रह लिया तो दुनिया से बहुत पीछे रह जाऊँगा मैं! कुछ देर तक गाँव आकर्षित करता
है। लगता है, इस जगह सब समान हैं। बुल्लेशाही की कविता की तरह जो हम बचपन में
गुनगुनाते थे- 'चल बुल्लियाँ, चल ओथे चलिए, जित्थे रहदें अन्ने, ना कोई साड़ी जात
पछाने, ना कोई सानूं मन्ने।' यानी वहाँ चलकर रहें जहाँ सब अंधे बसते हों जो हमारी
जाति न पहचान सकें! कितनी समता और बरकत है यहाँ की आबोहवा में। किसी में कोई
महत्वाकांक्षा नहीं। कोई होड़ नहीं। ज़्यादा से ज़्यादा कमाने की  लालसा नहीं। बस, जो हो जाए, वही काफी है।

अपनी नियति के सामने सिर झुकाकर जीने की कला है इन
लोगों में। जहाँ मैं रहता हूँ वहाँ किस्मत, भगवान, रिश्ते, भरोसा, कुनबा जैसी
संकल्पनाएँ नहीं हैं। वहाँ चूहा-दौड़, एंबीशन, जुगाड़, पर्सनेलिटी ज़्यादा महत्व
रखते हैं।

अम्मा से साल में एक बार मिलने के लिए आता हूँ मैं।
भाई कब के रिटायर हो चुके हैं। अब गली की तरफ़ तीन दूकानें निकाली हैं उन्होंने।
मेरे हिस्से के प्लॉट पर भी मकान बन चुका है। एक हिस्से में उनका बड़ा बेटा सपरिवार
रहता है और एक हिस्से में ढोर-डंगरों के लिए खपरैल डाली है।

कई बार अम्मा कहती, ''देव, तू पढ़-लिखकर शहर में इतनी
तरक्की कर गया, कोठी बना ली। तेरे बड़े भाई मनोहर का इतना बड़ा टब्बर! उसके किसी
बेटे की ढंग की नौकरी नहीं, दो लड़कों को तो खेती का ही आसरा है। गाँव की जायदाद
में जो भी तेरा हिस्सा है, मनोहर के नाम कर जा। दुआएँ देगा वह। उसने हमेशा मेरा
ख़याल रखा है। उसकी बहू सुधा से मेरी सारी उम्र नहीं बनी। आज भी मैं अपने हिस्से के
मकान में बैठी अपने हाथों से बनी रोटी खाती हूँ, मगर मनोहर हर वक्त मेरा ख़याल रखता
है। कभी कुबोल नहीं बोला उसने। कभी-कभी ज़रूर तेरे बारे में कसैली बातें करता है कि
देव ने कभी चार पैसे भेजे हैं तुझे या उसके परिवार का भी फर्ज़ बनता है कि तेरी
देखभाल करें। अब मैं कुबड़ी हो गई हूँ। घर का राशन वही लाकर देता है। हर महीने पाँच
सौ रुपए अपनी पेंशन में से देता है। पत्नी मना नहीं करती उसे। अब जैसा भी है, मेरे
चुग्गे का इंतज़ाम करता है वह। तुझसे खर्च के लिए क्या कहूँ! तू हमेशा तंग ही रहा।
कभी मकान की किस्तें तो कभी बच्चों की पढ़ाई का खर्च। अब कुछ अरसे से तू रुपए दे
जाता है, वो मैं अपने किरिया-करम के लिए जमा करती जा रही हूँ ताकि खर्च को लेकर तुम
दोनों भाइयों में 'फिक' न पड़े। तू तो बहुत दूर रहता है। मैं मर गई तो सारा बोझ
मनोहर पर ही पड़ेगा। बेटे, मनोहर के बारे में कुछ सोचना। मेरे जीते-जी पुश्तैनी
जायदाद का निबटारा हो जाता तो...।

अम्मा के बार-बार कहने के बावजूद, पता नहीं क्यों, मेरे खून ने कभी ज़ोर नहीं मारा कि मैं अपने हिस्से की ज़मीन व मकान मनोहर के नाम
कर दूँ। सुना है कि आजकल तो गाँवो में भी ज़मीन लाखों के भाव में बिकती है। मैं
यहाँ जोश में आकर कुर्बानी दे जाऊँ और उधर मेरी श्रीमती मुझे सारी उम्र कोसती

मनोहर और मेरे बीच लेन-देन की बात बीस साल पहले उठी
थी। यहाँ शहर में किसी तरह मैंने तीन सौ गज का प्लॉट ख़रीद लिया था, मगर उसके ऊपर
मकान खड़ा करने का कोई जुगाड़ नहीं था मेरे पास। जो लोन मिल रहा था वह काफी नहीं था
क्योंकि मेरी श्रीमती आलीशान घर बनाना चाहती थीं। उधर बच्चों की पढ़ाई का

मैं बड़े चाव से गाँव आया था कि भाई से पैसे लेकर मकान
बनाऊँगा। अम्मा ने सुना तो वह बहुत खुश हुई कि चलो छोटे बेटे का शहर में ठिकाना
बना। मगर भाई व भाभी को अच्छा नहीं लगा। कहने लगे, ''यहाँ से हज़ारों कोस दूर
ठिकाना बनाने का क्या फ़ायदा? यहाँ तुम्हारे रिश्तेदार हैं, कुनबा है, टब्बर है।
यहाँ जड़े हैं तुम्हारी। अनजान बिरादरी में कल बच्चों का

अगले दिन पता चला कि उनके बिसूरने का कारण कुछ और ही
था। वे मेरे हिस्से की दबाई जायदाद से हाथ धोना नहीं चाहते थे। मैंने अम्मा से बात
चलाई कि मेरे हिस्से का जो भी बनता है, चाहे थोड़ा कम ही सही, मुझे दिलवाया जाए, ताकि मैं भी अपने मकान को बनवाना शुरू कर सकूँ।

अम्मा चाहकर भी कुछ फ़ैसला न करवा पाई- मनोहर तो बिफर
गया। बोला, ''तुझे पता नहीं कितना झंझट है इन ज़मीनों में! काग़ज़ों में हमारी
तीनों बहनों और काकू चाचा का नाम भी है। काकू चाचा कुँवारा ही मरा मगर उसकी रखैल के
घर पैदा हुआ लड़का भी बराबर का हिस्सेदार है। तू शहर में रहता है, सारे कानून जानता
होगा। यहाँ कुछ दिन रुककर पटवारी व तहसीलदार से मिलकर कोशिश कर, शायद ज़मीन हम
दोनों भाइयों और अम्मा के नाम हो जाए। फिर तीन हिस्से करके तेरा हिस्सा बेच देंगे।
मैं तो एक लड़की की शादी कर चुका। रिटायरमेंट के आधे पैसे वहाँ लग गए। एक लड़की अभी
भी दीवार की तरह सिर पर खड़ी है। बच्चे भी नौकरी नहीं करते कि उनसे पैसे पकड़कर
तुझे दे दूँ। तू तो अफ़सर आदमी है। सौ जगह रसूख हैं तेरे। कहीं से कर्ज़ लेकर मकान
बना ही लेगा...।

मुझे इतना मुश्किल रास्ता बताया गया जितना उस राजकुमार
को कहा गया था कि कई मुसीबतें झेलकर राक्षस को मारकर मणि लाएगा तब राजकुमारी उससे
शादी करेगी। दो सप्ताह मैं वहाँ टिका रहा। टेनिस की गेंद की तरह इधर से उधर टप्पे
खाता रहा। अम्मा तो अशक्त हो चुकी थी और भाई के घर की कमान सुधा भाभी के हाथ में
थी। उसकी मजबूरियाँ भी साफ़ नज़र आ रही थीं मुझे। उनके पास पाँच-सात लाख का कोई
जुगाड़ नहीं था कि वे मेरा हिस्सा ख़रीद लेते। भाई के बैंक में पैसा था मगर सुधा
भाभी ने साफ़ मना कर दिया। मुझे साफ़ तौर पर बता दिया गया कि घर तो पुश्तैनी है
जिसके एक हिस्से में अम्मा का डेरा था जहाँ मेरी बहनें न साझे रिश्तेदार आकर टिकते
थे। अम्मा के जीते-जी वह हिस्सा तो बेचा नहीं जा सकता था। दूसरे बड़े हिस्से में
भाई का टब्बर था। ज़मीन बेचकर अपना तीसरा हिस्सा ले जाने के लिए मुझसे कहा गया, मगर
ज़मीन के काग़ज़ ठीक करवाने में बहुत सिरदर्दी थी।

पिता जी ने मरने से पहले यह सब ठीक करवाने की ज़रूरत
नहीं समझी थी। उन्हें क्या पता कि लाखों का भाव होते ही ज़मीन पर सब की निगाहें हो
जाएँगी। मास्टर थे वह। एक दिन दिल का दौरा पड़ा। मनोहर भाई ने अभी बी.एड. किया ही
था। पिता जी का स्कूल प्राइवेट था सो अम्मा को कोई पेंशन नहीं मिली। बाद में भाई की
नौकरी सरकारी स्कूल में लग गई थी।

पंद्रह-बीस दिन तहसील के चक्कर काटने के बाद मुझे पता
चला कि ज़मीन को फौरन बेचने का काम इतनी आसानी से होने वाला नहीं है। पहले तो मैं
तीनों बहनों को एक जगह इकट्ठा करूँ, वे भी मुझसे ख़ासी नाराज़ थीं। हमारे अविवाहित
चाचा का नाम भी दावेदारों में था। उनकी एक रखैल और उनसे हुए बच्चों का भी पता चला
मुझे। यानी पाँच-सात लाख का अपना हिस्सा लेने के लिए बहुत दौड़-धूप करनी पड़ती
मुझे। उधर ऑफ़िस से पत्र आ गया था कि जल्दी पहुँचो।

अपना माथा पीटकर थक-हारकर मैं खाली हाथ वापस लौट आया।
अम्मा खुद मनोहर के आसरे थी, मेरी कोई मदद क्या करती या मेरे लिए क्या ज़ोर लगाती!
वह तो शुरू से ही कहती रही हैं कि मैं अपना हिस्सा मनोहर को दे दूँ तो कुनबे में
मेरी अच्छी इज़्ज़त बनी रह सकती है। फिर भी आते समय अम्मा ने आश्वासन दिया था कि वह
मनोहर को मनाएगी कि दोनों भाई जायदाद का बँटवारा कर लें, ज़मीन मनोहर रख ले और देव
को उसके हिस्से के रुपए दे दे।

मेरे घर में सारी बात सुनकर मेरी श्रीमती का मूड भी
बिगड़ गया। सारी उम्र यह फाँस उसके गले में अटकी रही। इसके चलते श्रीमती और हमारे
बच्चों ने कभी गाँव का रुख नहीं किया। हाँ, लोकलाज के डर से और अम्मा व रिश्ते-नाते
निबाहने की गरज से मुझे ही साल में गाँव का एकाध चक्कर लगाना पड़ता। भाई-बहन भी
मेरे यहाँ कहाँ आ पाते थे!

गाँव मेरे लिए एक स्वप्नलोक बनता जा रहा था। मेरे और गाँव के रिश्तेदारों के सरोकार
बदलते जा रहे थे। हर बार मैं समझता था कि गाँव का मेरा यह अंतिम फेरा ही होगा।
अम्मा के मरने की खबर कभी भी आ सकती थी। शहरी जीवन का आदी हो गया था मैं। वहाँ एक
आसानी यह थी कि रिश्तों का कोई दबाव नहीं था। सब मस्त थे। एक-दूसरे के व्यक्तिगत
जीवन में दखल नहीं देते थे। उन्हें इन बातों के लिए फ़ुर्सत ही कहाँ मिलती

गाँव में पाँच-सात दिन रहने पर मेरे दिमाग में खुजली
होने लगती थी। जिससे भी बात करो, वह कटाक्ष में बात करता। कभी मज़ाक में तो कभी
गुस्से और कभी उलाहने में। कमला ताई कहती, ''वे निर्मोही, कभी अपनी बहनों के घर भी
जाया कर। अपने भाई को देखने का चाव उन्हें भी होता होगा।'' चंपा बुआ कहती,  ''वे
धर्मदेव, मेरा भाई पूरा हुआ था उधर मुंबई में, तू जाकर एक बार अफ़सोस ही कर आता
उन्हें!'' हर तरफ़ से मुझ पर वैचारिक हमले होते रहते। ये दिन उफ-उफ करते

और अम्मा! वह भी वैसी ही बातें करती। कहती, ''बहू को
देखे पंद्रह बरस हो गए। उसका कोई फर्ज़ नहीं कि आकर सास की ख़ैर-ख़बर ले, मेरा
सुख-दुख करे! मेरा भाई मरा, भाभी चली गई, गाँव में ताया नानकू पूरा हो गया, उसे आना
नहीं चाहिए था! तेरे बच्चों की तो शक्लें ही भूल गई। तेरी बहनों पर मनोहर इतना खर्च
करता है, उनके बच्चों को शगुन आदि पर, क्या तुम्हारा कोई फ़र्ज़ नहीं बनता कि
रिश्तेदारियाँ निबाहो। कल तूने उस घर में से हिस्सा भी लेना है। मनोहर की बहू यही
ताने मारती है मुझे कि छोटी बहू ने तो कभी तेरी सुध नहीं ली, फिर भी तू दिन-रात देव
का गुणगान करती रहती है।

अब अम्मा नहीं रही तो ये बातें करने वाला भी कोई नहीं
रहा। अब हर तरफ़ ज़िद और रीस ही चल रही है कि तू जैसा करेगा वैसा ही तेरे साथ
करेंगे। अम्मा थी तो सारा कुनबा अच्छी तरह आपस में जुड़ा हुआ था। कहीं कुछ कमी-पेशी
या ऊँच-नीच हो जाती तो अम्मा सब कुछ अपने ऊपर ले लेती बेचैन हो उठती, इधर-उधर सलाह
करता। चर्चा करता। और जब तक सब कुछ सामान्य नहीं हो जाता, तब तक चैन से कहाँ बैठती
थी अम्मा!

हर बार मेरे गाँव आगमन पर खिल उठती थी अम्मा। कहती, ''कुनबे की इस माला में बस हर जगह तेरी ही कमी खलती है। जो पास होता है, उसका इतना
चाव नहीं होता। तू छोटा है न, बहुत याद आता है। कई बार तेरी शक्ल भूल जाती है। एक
साल का वक्फा कम नहीं होता रुलाने के लिए। मनोहर तो वट-वृक्ष सरीखा अपनी गृहस्थी
में खप गया है। वह कुनबे में सबसे बड़ा है- मुझे हमेशा से ही पक्का-प्रौढ़ दिखता
रहा है और तेरे पिता के मरने के बाद तो उसकी कद-काठी, नयन-नक्श, चेहरा-मोहरा सब उन
जैसा ही लगता है। बेटा तो बस तू ही है जिससे मिलकर तेरा बचपन मेरी आँखों के सामने
तैरने लगता है। मेरी माँ कहा करती थी कि जो जितना दूर हो, वह उतना ही दिल के करीब
लगता है। उसकी ये पहेलियाँ तब मेरी समझ में नहीं आ पाती थीं। अस्सी साल की होकर अब
मुझे पता चला है कि बच्चों का मोह क्या होता है। माँ का मन बच्चों से कभी नहीं
भरता, वे चाहे कितनी आसानी से उसे भूल जाएँ। मेरे कान तेरी आहट सुनने को तरसते रहते
हैं। वे बड़भागिया! छोड़कर आ जा वह नकली जीवन! यहाँ की आबोहवा देख। स्वर्ग समान है
यह धरती!  हर तरफ़ अपने लोग, एक दूसरे की मदद करने के लिए हमेशा तैयार!  वहाँ पराए
और पत्थर दिल लोगों के बीच सारी उम्र काटकर तू भी निर्मोही और छोटे दिल का बन गया
है!  सारा खून पानी हो गया है तेरा! अपने संबंधियों को देखकर एक बार भी तेरा खून
ठाठें नहीं मारता। यही बस जा, हम भी देखें तेरी टौर, तेरा बाग-परिवार!

अम्मा बहुत दूर चली जाती। कलप्ना के बड़े-बड़े
सब्ज़बाग देखने लगती। उसे क्या पता कि अब मेरी वापसी संभव नहीं रही। अब तो मैं बरगद
सरीखा वहीं शहर में ही फैल गया हूँ जिसे किसी भी तरीके से यहाँ रोप पाना मुमकिन
नहीं। फिर मेरा परिवार किसी और ढंग से बड़ा हुआ है। गाँव के तो नाम से ही बिदकते
हैं वे।

अम्मा नहीं जानती कि गाँव में एक भी बेल ऐसी नहीं जो
मुझ जैसे शहरी परिंदे के पाँव बाँध सके। शहर की बेरहम हवा आदमी की ग्रामीण रिश्तों
के प्रति बेगाना बना देती है। शहर में भावनाओं से गुज़र-बसर नहीं होती। हर चीज़ मोल
के भाव बिकती है वहाँ। लोग तो बात करने तक की फीस ले लेते हैं वहाँ।

इधर अम्मा जब से आँखों से बिलकुल अंधी हो गई तब से
बहुत ही भावुक हो उठी थी वह। बात-बात पर आँखें छलछला आती उसकी। मनोहर की चिंता
करती। कहती, ''तेरी अच्छी पक्की नौकरी है। बच्चे भी ऊँचे ओहदे पर हैं। मनोहर के
बच्चों के पास ढंग की रोज़ी-रोटी का जुगाड़ नहीं। मिट्टी के साथ मिट्टी होकर घर की
ज़रूरत के लिए अन्न उगाते हैं। बारिश अच्छी हो जाए तो बल्ले-बल्ले, नहीं तो
बाप-बेटे आसमान की तरफ़ पानी के लिए ताकते रहते हैं। बहुत कठिन जीवन है उनका बेटा।
तेरे पास लाखों रुपए हैं, तू यहाँ की तीन-चार एकड़ ज़मीन लेकर क्या करेगा! मनोहर के
नाम कर दे। मनोहर कह रहा था कि पैसों का जुगाड़ करके वह तुझे ज़रूर भेजेगा। मेरे
जीते-जी यह निबट जाए तो अच्छा है, बाद में तुम भाइयों में थाना-कचहरी हो तो मेरी
आत्मा को दुख पहुँचेगा। देखता नहीं, ज़रा-ज़रा ज़मीन के लिए गाँव में भाइयों के बीच
तलवारें तन जाती हैं। मनोहर ने सारी उम्र मुझे सँभाला है, तू तो परदेसी है, मेहमान
की तरह आता है।

अम्मा के जीत-जी मैं कुछ फैसला नहीं कर पाया कि ज़मीन
मनोहर के नाम कर दूँ। अब अम्मा के गुज़र जाने के बाद रो-धोकर, सारे क्रिया-कर्म
करके सुबह मनोहर के साथ उसके स्कूटर पर पास के कस्बे से मुंबई के लिए ट्रेन लेने
पहुँचा हूँ। मनोहर हम भाई-बहनों में सबसे बड़ा है, धीर-गंभीर स्वभाव है उसका। उससे
कभी सीधे आँख मिलाकर बात नहीं की मैंने।

मुझसे गले मिलकर गला भर आया उसका। बोला, ''अम्मा के
कारण तू हर साल आता था, अब पता नहीं आएगा भी या नहीं!  बहुत सख़्त दिल है तेरा। सब
रिश्तों से मुक्त है तू!  मेरा हाल-चाल फ़ोन पर पूछते रहना!  शादी-गमी में आते
रहना, मुँह न मोड़ना! अम्मा ने मरते समय मुझसे कहा था कि धर्मदेव का हक मत मारना।
सो तब से ही लोन आदि लेकर तेरे लिए पैसों का इंतज़ाम किया है मैंने। ये ले, दस लाख
का चैक है। अपनी पत्नी से चोरी से दे रहा हूँ। तू भी घर पर मत बताना। ये तेरे-मेरे
बीच का हिसाब-किताब रहा। ज़मीन चाहे मेरे नाम लिख या न लिख, मेरे बच्चे उस पर काश्त
कर रहे है, सो तेरा हक तुझे दे रहा हूँ ताकि हम दोनों के दिलों में हमेशा प्यार बना

मनोहर ने जबरन वह चेक मेरी क़मीज़ की ऊपरी जेब में
ठूँस दिया और मेरे सिर पर हाथ फिराकर आशीर्वाद दिया।
ट्रेन धीरे-धीरे सरक रही

दूर होता जा रहा मनोहर ऐसा लग रहा था मानो बचपन के
मेरे पिता हों जो मुझे शहर के कॉलेज के लिए छोड़ने साइकिल पर आया करते थे। सारी
यादें ताज़ा हो उठीं। मनोहर ने कर्ज़ लेकर मुझे अपनी हैसियत से बढ़कर रुपए दिए हैं।
पता नहीं, कब तक वह इस पैसे की किस्तें चुकाता रहेगा, असल की भी और सूद की भी! मैं
इन रुपयों का क्या करूँगा! बैंक में रखकर ब्याज खाऊँगा, शेयर खरीदूँगा, बीवी के लिए
हीरे खरीदूँगा या क्लब में ऐश करूँगा? अम्मा ने असल में ऐसा तो नहीं चाहा था। मनोहर
ने अंत तक उसे सँभाला। मेरे हिस्से की देखभाल भी उसी ने की। मनोहर न होता तो अम्मा
रुल जाती, वक्त से पहले खत्म हो जाती।

मैंने जेब से वह चेक निकाला और उसे फाड़कर उसकी
चिंदी-चिंदी करके बाहर उड़ा दी और ऊपर आसमान की तरफ़ देखा। सोचने लगा कि यह देखकर
अम्मा की आत्मा को कितनी शांति मिली होगी!

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Hello Doston!!!

Hello mere nachte tapte pyaare doston!!! ye garmi kaise kate ??? koi to batai bahuuu!!!!
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ओ नदी!

ओ नदी
इतना बता दो रेत क्यों होने लगीं
क्यों भरापन देह का तुम इस तरह खोने लगीं

नीर तेरी
सभ्यता का
सूखने कैसे लगा है
भाईचारे का किनारा टूटने कैसे लगा है
नफरतों की नाव सूखी पीठ पर ढोने लगीं

पत्तियाँ संस्कार की
क्यों आज पीली पड़ रहीं हैं
आज शाखाएँ तुम्हारी क्यों जड़ों से लड़ रहीं हैं
वृक्षवत थीं ये बताओ ठूंठ क्यों होने लगीं

भीड़ है इतनी
तटों पर किंतु वो मेले कहाँ हैं
ठौर, जिन पर कृष्ण राधा से हँसे-खेले कहाँ हैं
वो ठहाके क्या हुए क्यों आजकल रोने लगीं

भव्यता के खँडहर
अब भी दुहाई दे रहे हैं
दाग़ रेतीले कपोलों पर दिखाई दे रहे हैं
शेष जल के आँसुओं से दाग़ भी धोने लगीं

तुम हो दोनों कूल हैं
पर शख्सियत यों झड़ रही है
आदमी ज्यों जी रहा पर आदमीयत मर रही है
जागतीं थीं रात-दिन क्यों आजकल सोने लगीं

--त्रिमोहन तरल

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Computer Shopping Tips

So, you've decided to get a new computer; that's great. Whether you're buying one for yourself, your family, or another loved one, it's bound to bring you at least a brief flash of excitement as you start to think of all the great things can be done with a fast, new machine. But if you're like many people, that excitement may quickly be replaced by a feeling of dread as you start to realize all the questions you need to answer before you can make an informed purchasing decision.


Issues of gigahertz, gigabytes, gigabits and more can confound even experienced computer users, so it's no wonder people start to feel overwhelmed when shopping for a new PC or Mac. To help make the buying process a bit easier (not to mention understandable), I've put together this article. It provides you with the important questions to ask and the critical features to consider in your purchase. Whether you're buying your first computer or adding a second or third one to your home, I think you'll find something useful here.


  • The Basics


Before I get into the specifics, I need to cover a few basics. First, the good news is, no matter what choice you make, you can't really go wrong. Today's current model PCs and Macs offer tremendous value and computing horsepower that we could only dream about just a few years back. Even the most inexpensive models can handle any application you throw at them. In other words, they are plenty well-equipped to allow you to write letters, access the Internet, work with digital pictures, play games and do all the other things that most people are interested in doing with a PC. In fact, even advanced applications such as video editing and speech recognition--where you talk to your computer and it converts your spoken words to typed text on the screen--are usually no problem for today's lowest-cost computers.


Second, you need to figure out how much you're willing to spend on a PC. Full-blown computer systems are available for around $500 (or even less if you choose to take advantage of rebates and other special offers), but you can also spend $3,000 or more if you really want to. So, as with other big purchases, give yourself a budget range to work within.


When it comes to budgeting for PCs, there are essentially two trains of thought. You can either spend a good amount to get a cutting-edge computer with the expectation that it will last longer or you can just get a basic system that you know will be obsolete sooner, but which you can replace with another lower-cost system at a later time. Yesterday's top-of-the-line PCs have similar or even less functionality than today's bargain-basement models. Because there's no sign that trend will be changing any time soon, you might find that going the cheap route is actually a better strategy for the long term. Another alternative that I recommend for getting the most bang for your computing buck is to buy a computer that's one step down from a company's top-of-the-line. You always pay a premium to get the fastest computer available, but if you wait until a slightly faster model comes out, then the "second best" model (which used to be top-of-the-line) will lose its premium price and become a much better value.


The final general questions you need to consider are actually two important philosophical decisions: Mac or PC? And desktop or notebook? Though Apple has had its share of problems in the past, I now feel very comfortable recommending the Mac in today's computer environment, particularly for first-time computer users. If you choose a Windows-based machine, you'll need to figure out which brand. There's a certain comfort factor in selecting a brand name such as Dell, Gateway, HP, Compaq, etc., but you may find a no-name clone--sometimes referred to as a "white box" PC--is a better choice.


A somewhat similar story can be found when it comes to computer type. Traditionally, most home computer users have opted for desktop PCs. Recently, however, consumers have started to purchase notebooks--sometimes called portable PCs or laptops--and computer manufacturers have responded with notebook models that are specifically targeted towards consumers. You'll pay a price premium for a notebook over a desktop, but if you want the flexibility and freedom of being able to take your computer with you, a notebook may be a better choice.


The Specs


OK, time for the good stuff. Here are the most important computer specifications you'll hear about/read about/need to know:


* Processor Type and Speed


The processor is essentially the brains of the PC, driving all the operations that occur inside the computer and performing most of the number-crunching that needs to be done for software programs to work.


Common processors you hear about are the Intel Pentium III, Pentium IV and the Celeron, as well as AMD's Duron and Athlon. Speeds for these chips range from 700 MHz up to 2GHz (that's 2,000 MHz) and soon beyond. Other than the speed differences, there are also internal differences in the way they operate and in the amount and type of a special kind of memory called L2 cache that each chip has.


While the chip vendors want you to believe otherwise, literally any processor available today is plenty fast for regular PC applications and the Internet. That's not to say that computers with higher-speed processors won't run faster--they will--but the difference may not be as dramatic as you think (nor necessarily worth the extra costs involved).


If you're looking for a good value I'd recommend a Celeron or Duron processor and if you want the absolute best performance, take a look at AMD's Athlon or Intel's Pentium IV. The speed of the chip you choose is solely a matter of price--the faster you want, the more you'll pay. (To find out even more about processors and how they work, you can read an excerpt from my book, "Personal Computer Secrets.")


On the Macintosh, the processor choices are very simple: the G3 or the G4. The G4, which is the faster of the two, is found in Apple's tower-shaped desktop systems and their Powerbook notebooks, while the G3 is used in the iMac and iBook. G4-based computers are more expensive than G3s, but they also run faster.


* Memory and Hard Drive


A computer's RAM, or Random Access Memory, is the computer's working area. The simple rule with RAM is, the more the better, whether you're considering a Mac or a PC. Extra memory gives the computer more "working room," which allows it to get more things done at once.


I recommend any system you purchase have at least 128 MB, but 256 MB is even better. Given the recent dramatic declines in memory prices, there's no reason to get any less.


In addition to the amount of memory, you may want to investigate what type of memory the computer is using. Most PCs and Macs use Synchronous DRAM, or SDRAM, but some newer PCs (those using the Pentium IV processor) use RAMBUS DRAM or RDRAM. RDRAM is more expensive than regular SDRAM, but in certain situations it can be faster. A more interesting new memory type is DDR, or Double Data Rate, SDRAM which operates faster than regular SDRAM (although nowhere near twice as fast, despite its name).


One other thing you may also want to find out is the speed at which the computer system "talks" to the memory, which is determined by the speed of the computer's system bus--sometimes also called the "front-side" bus. Most notebook computers and some older desktops operate at 100 MHz, while newer desktops operate with a 133 MHz system bus. This is sometimes designated as using PC133 memory. RDRAM is often rated as PC400 or PC800. Note, however, that the increase is nowhere near as dramatic as the numbers may first lead you to believe. A computer's final speed is determined by a wide variety of different factors with each section contributing only somewhat to the overall whole.


Hard drives are the computer's storage area--kind of like a filing cabinet. All the computer's programs and files are stored on the hard drive and, as with memory, the more room you have, the better. Most systems today come with at least a 20 GB (Gigabyte) hard drive, but it's not uncommon to see 100 GB or more. Again, more storage costs more but, over time, you'll probably be glad you have it. (Just to put things into perspective, recording one hour of DV-format digital video takes almost 13 GB.)


In addition to size, one critical factor to look for in hard drives is the speed at which the drive spins, which is quoted in RPMs. The revolution speed can have a dramatic impact on how fast the hard drive works which, in turn, can have a dramatic impact on how fast your PC operates.


Most drives today operate at 5,400 RPMs, but some faster drives spin at 7,200 or even 10,000 RPMs. Once again, you'll typically pay more for a faster drive, but you may find it's worth it.


* CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and Rewritable Drives


Another critical differentiating factor between computers is the types of other drives they include, most notably CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. Both of these types of drives allow you to use CD-ROM discs (which most of today's software comes on) in your PC, but DVD-ROM adds the ability to use higher-capacity DVD-ROM discs and, in many cases, lets you view DVD movies on your computer's screen. You'll pay slightly more for a DVD-ROM vs. a CD-ROM, but it's a better investment for the future.


As for speed comparisons, both types of drives are rated with an "x" rating that refers to how much faster than a typical CD audio player or DVD video disc player the drive spins. So, for example, a 32x CD-ROM can run 32 times faster than a standard audio CD player and an 8x DVD runs eight times faster than a DVD video player. This spin rate directly translates to how fast data can be read from the drive, or the "data transfer" rate, and that, in turn, determines how fast the computer can operate when it's reading a disc.


In addition to these types of drives, many computers also have rewritable storage drives, such as CD-RW (CD-Rewritable) or DVD-RW (DVD-Rewritable). All of these types of recordable drives can both read regular CD (or DVD) discs, as well as store data on them, much like a huge floppy drive. This is very important because they allow you to easily back up and store your data. (And backing up your data is a critical part of using a PC--they do break down, after all.)


Recordable DVDs are the most recent development in this area and are still somewhat controversial because there are three competing technology standards (DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM). While many in the computer industry debate the relative merits of each, the only important point to remember is that most people really only need the ability to create a DVD-R (DVD-Recordable), which is a disk that can only be written to one time, but which be played back on most standard home DVD players. DVD-R capable drives allow you to transfer your home videos or any other video recordings you have onto standard DVD discs which, in my opinion, is a pretty exciting new development. At the moment, only DVD-RW and DVD+RW offer DVD-R support, so I would recommend you select a drive that uses one of these two technologies.


For desktop PCs, I'd recommend a system with a DVD-ROM and a CD-RW or DVD-RW, which gives you the convenience of two drives and the ability to copy discs. For notebooks, I would recommend investigating combination drives that offer both DVD-ROM and CD-RW capabilities in a single drive.


* Graphics Card and Monitor


Several years ago, the type of graphics card you had inside your computer was a critical factor in determining what types of applications your computer could run. Nowadays, virtually any type of graphics support inside a computer will let you run any type of software application you'd like. However, if you're interested in playing games on your PC, then you're going to want to take a hard look at the type of video card inside your computer.


Many games require a 3D-accelerated video card with 16 MB (or more) of onboard memory in order to run, but they will often run much faster or with a high-quality image if your video card has even more memory. Some of today's hottest 3D cards offer 64 MB (or more) of onboard memory, which lets you run the games at high resolutions with excellent quality. Again, you'll pay more for more onboard memory, but if you're into games, it will be worth it to you. If you're not interested in playing games, however, you'll be wasting your money for anything more than 16 MB of memory on your video card.


One other factor affecting a video card's performance is the speed of the connection it has to the rest of the computer. Most notebooks and most desktops support the AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) bus, which is faster than the older PCI bus. However, some systems support AGP 2x, others have AGP 4x and still others have AGP Pro, which runs eight times as fast as the original AGP bus. The faster connections are more important for 3D graphics than normal office applications, but as with most computer-related things, faster are always better.


The other critical visual component, of course, is your computer's monitor or display. Generally speaking, the larger monitor you can afford the better because the more screen "real estate" you'll have to see your work. In fact, if you're stuck deciding between a larger monitor or some other improvement, such as a faster processor, I would always vote for the larger monitor. After all, it's the screen that you're always looking at, so you want it to be as large as possible.


The standard size sold with most PCs today is a 17" CRT, or tube-based monitor, but some lower-cost systems are bundled with 15" monitors. If at all possible, make sure you go for a 17" model and, if you can, take a hard look at a 19". Despite the apparent two inch increase in size, the amount of stuff you actually see on your screen increases dramatically between 15" and 17" and 17" and 19". If you're concerned about size, take a look at some of the many short-depth 19" monitors now on the market. Most of these are no larger in size than many of last year's 17" models.


If you really want the latest monitor type, you can also consider flat-panel LCD monitors. Prices for these sleek, thin monitors have plunged recently, making them an affordable option for many computer buyers. You'll pay more than for a CRT, but many are happy to pay the price to gain back the desk space taken up by traditional tube-based monitors. The most common sizes for LCDs are 15", 17" and 18", but these numbers are a bit misleading because, unlike CRTs, LCD monitor size measurements refer to the entire viewable area of the display. As a result, a 15" LCD is roughly equivalent to a 17" CRT and 17" and 18" LCDs are roughly equivalent to 19" CRTs.


To help distinguish between CRT monitors, look at the resolutions and refresh rates that the monitor supports. The higher the resolution (given in pixels--such as 1,024 x 768), the more things you can see on the screen, but the smaller they appear. You'll need to find a compromise that suits your working style (and your vision!). One thing you need to make sure of is that the resolution you choose has a refresh rate of at least 75 Hz or higher, and preferably 85 Hz. Lower refresh rates cause an annoying flicker that will fatigue your eyes as you look at the screen.


For LCD monitors, you really need to look at the resolution the monitor supports because, unlike CRTs, LCD monitors are optimized to work at only one resolution--sometimes referred to as the monitor's "native" resolution. Most LCD monitors let you change resolutions through a technology known as "scaling," but the results are often far from ideal. On the other hand, refresh rates are meaningless for LCDs. All LCDs operate at 60 Hz--regardless of what any advertising or promotional literature may say--and don't have any problems with flicker.


For both CRTs and LCDs, you can also compare the monitor's dot pitch--measured in millimeters--which describes the space between display elements on the face of the monitor's screen. Generally speaking, you want at least .28mm or lower, but be aware that this measurement doesn't always provide the best comparison. When it comes to monitors, always trust your eyes and, if at all possible, look at the monitor before you buy.


Finally, if you're looking for the best possible quality in CRTs, look for the new generation of flat CRT monitors. Flat CRTs cost a bit more than traditional CRT monitors, but they offer better picture quality and less glare, which can make their visual quality even higher. In the case of LCD monitors, make sure you get one that offers both a traditional analog VGA connector as well as the newer digital DVI (Digital Visual Interface) connector. At the moment very few PCs and graphics cards offer DVI support, so you may not be able to use it initially, but this will guarantee compatibility with future DVI-enabled PCs.


* Sound Cards, Speakers and Modems


Virtually all computers sold today come with a reasonably decent 16-bit audio sound card or built-in sound circuitry. However, if you're interested in buying the best possible computer gaming machine, you may want to look for more. Some sound cards offers features such as surround sound and support for multiple sets of speakers, both of which can provide a more compelling audio environment for games. In addition, if you're a musician, you'll want to look at how many synthesized voices the sound card supports and find out if it supports digital audio inputs and outputs.


Speakers of some sort also typically come with most PCs, although quality varies widely. Typically, you get what you pay for, so higher-cost speaker systems will sound better, which may be important if you want to listen to MP3 files over the Internet or play games.


As with sound cards, almost all PCs and Macs (including notebooks) now come with a built-in 56K V.90 modem. While there can be differences between these types of modems, they're usually much too subtle to bother about. If you know that you're going to be connecting your computer to a high-speed cable modem or DSL connection, you don't really even need an analog modem, but it's still nice to have one to fall back on. This is particularly true for notebooks, where you may travel with them and need to connect to the Internet away from a high-speed connection.


If you are going to connect your computer to a high-speed Internet connection, you'll need to make sure it has built-in support for an Ethernet network port (see section below), which is how you connect your PC or Mac to external cable and DSL modems. Some computers are starting to be offered with built-in DSL or cable modems, but before you buy one, make sure it will work with the ISP with which you'll be connecting. The reason is, not all high-speed modems are standardized yet, so one type of DSL modem, for example, may not work with your DSL provider.


* Ports and Connectors


One often overlooked, but very important factor in a computer purchase is the type and amount of connectors a computer has. While today's PCs and Macs are powerful machines, you'll almost always want to connect at least some other devices to them and you'll most often do that via the computer's various ports or connectors.


The most important types of connectors to look for on PCs are USB (Universal Serial Bus), Serial, Parallel, Ethernet, and, if possible, IEEE 1394 (sometimes called i.Link or FireWire). Peripherals such as printers, scanners, digital cameras, high-speed cable and DSL modems and so on typically attach to a computer from these connectors, so the wider variety of connections a PC has, the better off you'll be.


Serial and Parallel ports are becoming less important with the rapid development of USB and IEEE 1394-based peripherals, but they're still handy to have, particularly if you have older peripherals and accessories (such as printers, digital cameras, graphics tablets, etc.) that only support these types of connections. Ethernet ports are important for home networking, as well as high-speed Internet connections. On the Mac side, you're limited to USB, Ethernet and FireWire (or IEEE 1394), although that's all you'll typically need.


The newest connection standard to be introduced is USB 2.0, which runs at rate that's 40 times faster than the original USB connector. USB 2.0 is backwards-compatible with existing USB devices--meaning that you can plug any existing USB devices into a USB 2.0 connector and the device will work (although it won't automatically get any faster)--plus it offers support for faster, new USB 2.0-compliant products. Very few computers offer USB 2.0 support right now, but it will be growing in importance over time. (By the way, USB 2.0 ports can be added to an existing computer by purchasing and installing a USB 2.0 plug-in card, much as you can add SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface) connections to a PC or Mac by installing a SCSI card.)


One other point that bears mentioning here is that the number of open slots inside a computer--which was commonly used as a reference point for determining how "expandable" a particular computer system was--is becoming less and less important over time. The reason for this is most of the add-ons that people are buying for computers these days are external devices. As a result, the types of external connectors a computer has is becoming even more important.


Still, certain types of upgrades--such as 3D video cards and the aforementioned SCSI cards--often require an open slot inside your computer's case so I wouldn't completely ignore the issue. Thankfully, however, the base systems on many of today's computers are so good that there's less need for these types of internal upgrades.


If you're looking at a notebook computer, one final type of connectivity--or means of connecting to other computers or other devices--that you need to consider is support for wireless networking. With a wireless network connection, you can enjoy the freedom of moving around and working wherever you feel that a notebook offers you, while at the same time still have an Internet connection for browsing and e-mail. Several types of wireless networking options are available, but the most important is the 802.11b, or Wi-Fi, standard. Apple uses the name AirPort for their version of 802.11b, but it is otherwise the same thing. Support for 802.11b, which offers transfer speeds of up to 11 Mb/second (as fast as a standard wired Ethernet connection) can come in one of several ways. Some notebooks have everything you need for 802.11b wireless connections, including both an antenna as well as special wireless circuitry (a unique kind of radio, to be exact), while others only include a built-in antenna and require you to purchase a PC Card or other plug-in module separately.


Even if your notebook comes with a complete 802.11b "solution," however, it's important to note that to access the Internet, you also need to somehow connect with an 802.11b access point, which is a device that communicates with the 802.11b circuitry in your notebook and also provides a wired connection to the Internet. Just having 802.11b support doesn't magically give you a wireless Internet connection because it is only designed to replace a wired Ethernet connection. In other words, if you want to use 802.11b in your home, you not only have to have support for it in your notebook, you also need to factor in the cost of an access point. (To find out more about wireless home networking, see the "Home Networking and the Internet" article elsewhere on this site.) The same is true if you want to use it in a business environment. Some public places, such as hotels, restaurants, airports, convention centers and even coffee shops are starting to offer wireless Internet access via 802.11b, so if you have a notebook with 802.11b support, you can take advantage of these fast, convenient new connections (although you'll typically have to pay something for the privilege.)


One other wireless connectivity option you may also hear about for notebooks is Bluetooth. Like 802.11b, Bluetooth provides a means to wirelessly connect between a notebook PC (or any type of computer) and other devices. Unlike 802.11b, however, Bluetooth is not designed to be networking standard, but rather a means to connect between devices, such as a PC and a printer, or a cell phone and a handheld computer, conveniently without wires. In some instances Bluetooth can offer a simple form of wireless networking, but it's only 1/10 the speed of 802.11b and networking isn't really the best application of Bluetooth. In other words, for now at least, 802.11b is a lot more important than Bluetooth if you're looking to decide what to include on a new notebook purchase.


* Other Stuff


The final things to consider when buying any type of computer are the amount and type of software or other hardware that's bundled with the computer, the company's warranty policy and the type of tech support they provide.


With regards to the bundled software you can always (and undoubtedly will) add your own selections at a later date, but it's good to have a reasonable collection to get you started. More importantly, make sure the company provides copies on CDs of all the software they preinstall on the hard drive, including Windows and applications. Some manufacturers only provide a single recovery CD (which brings the computer backs to its original state--as it came from the factory), while others only include CDs for some of the programs they installed and some include nothing at all.


All of these situations can be a big problem if you need to reinstall only a single application at a later date or if you have to reformat your hard drive and reinstall everything. (For more on this process, see "Starting Over: Repartitioning, Reformatting and Reinstalling" elsewhere on this web site.) Find this out before you buy and, if the company won't provide you with all the original program discs, look somewhere else for your new PC. It's really that important.


If the computer is bundled with a printer or other peripheral, make sure you're happy with the output quality and features it offers.


The warranty and tech support issues are the types of things you hope you won't have to worry about, but they still need to be considered. Unfortunately, tech support quality can vary dramatically even within the same company, so it's typically a matter of luck whether or not you connect with a knowledgeable person or someone who knows even less than you.


A related point regarding tech support is figuring out where you want to buy your computer (and where, therefore, the tech support will come from). Some people prefer buying from a small, local dealer, where they can get individual service, although the tech support hours are often limited. Other people want to purchase via the Internet or mail-order, in part so that they can have access to 24-hour tech support. Like many other decisions in the computer buying process, there isn't necessarily a right answer to this question, but you should consider it during your purchase planning.


Final Thoughts


No matter what type of system you end up buying, you're bound to enjoy it and have a great deal of fun with it. Of course, if you want to maximize your computer purchase, you may want to pick up a book that helps you get more out of your PC. To that end, I would highly recommend you take a look at "Personal Computer Secrets," which will help you fully enjoy your computer purchase for many years to come.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Birbal Stories: The Blind Saint

Let us enjoy reading this one of Birbal Stories of The Blind Saint .

There lived a saint in an ashram in the kingdom of Emperor Akbar.
He was believed to prophecy the future correctly.

Once he had a visitor who had come to treat their niece. The child's parents were killed in front of the girl's eyes. Once she saw the saint, she started to scream loudly saying that that saint was the culprit.

Angered by the girl's words, the saint demanded the couple to get away with their child.

The whole day the girl cried which made the couple to realize that the girl was not lying.

Therefore, they decided to seek the help of Birbal.

Birbal consoled them and asked them to wait at the Emperor's assembly. Birbal had invited the saint to Akbar's court too.

Then in front of all the ministers he drew a sword and neared the saint to kill him. The saint in bewilderment immediately drew another sword and began to fight. Thus by this act of the saint it was proved that he wasn't blind.

Therefore, Akbar demanded to hang the culprit and rewarded the girl for her bravery for telling the truth even at the critical situation.

The 3 dolls

Priya was the cynosure of everyone’s eyes. Her parents favourite and her grandmothers special. Everyone loved Priya, her relatives, her teachers, the shopkeepers, the maid servant, everyone.

Because Priya was a very humble girl who gave love and respect to all whom she mingled with. She had no bias for dark and fair, rich and poor. She loved them all and she spoke with them all. Spoke to everyone – that, was the only cause of uneasiness her parents shared about Priya. She could talk to just about anyone at length, she would talk about the sun and the moon, the stars and the sky. She could talk for hours unending.

Priya would treat everyone equal, she had created no stereotypes. But this also proved to be a disadvantage as she could not distinguish between good and bad, the drunk and the sober, the evil and the good hearted. Many a times she would get fooled because of her kind heartedness. Either she would end up giving a few more rupees to the market vendor or be robbed by an urban beggar.

Priya’s loss with money and belonging were on the rise. Once every week she would come home crying and wailing about being a victim, giving away Rs. 100 for an item not worth more than Rs. 10. Once when her mother told her to give a few sweets and clothes to hers aunts house a few kilometres way, she came back home empty handed. She had given it all to a stranger she had met who told her that he had not eaten any sweets for months and his children had not been gifted any new clothes since a long time.

But Priya’s mother was furious of the encounter. She had lost her patience with the girl who spoke too much to anyone and lost her belongings. Outraged she raised her hand on Priya but only Grandma’s interference stopped her short.

Broken from within, Priya stepped into her grandmother’s room. Why is mama so annoyed with me, she asked. I do not mean to hurt her, yet she is so cross with me. Grandma brought out 3 dolls and gave it to Priya. She asked her to pass a thread through the ears of the dolls.

Priya actioned it right away. To her surprise the thread passed through and through the ears of the first doll. This is the type of person who listens from one ear and lets it pass from the other. Now try the next one said grandma. The thread went through the ear and curled outside the mouth. This is the type of person that speaks whatever he heard. Priya was anxious to know what happened to the last doll. Curiosity bounced back in her face because the thread just did not come out from the doll. This is the type of person that only listens and seldom speaks.

Then what kind of person is the best human being asked perplexed Priya? Grandma brought out a fourth doll. Priya forced in the thread though the ear, it popped out from the other. Try again said grandma. Priya inserted the thread through the ear again, it came out form the mouth. Once more said grandma, so Priya shipped the thread through the ear and it did not come out at all.

This is the best kind of a person said grandma. One who knows when to hear, when to talk and when to keep silent. Grandma starred at Priya and there was a moment of silence. Priya’s eyes twinkled as she got the message her grandmother was trying to tell her.

From that day on Priya spoke only when required, kept strangers at bay and lost nothing to anyone anymore.

Moral : one must know when to speak, when not to. What to hear and what not to.

The Elephant and The Sparrow

Two sparrows, husband and wife, built a nest on a banyan tree where the female sparrow laid eggs. One afternoon a wild elephant came to the tree seeking shelter from the sun. Unable to bear the heat, the tusker suddenly went berserk and snapped a big branch of the tree, crushing the sparrow's eggs in the nest. The sparrow pair somehow escaped the fury of the elephant but the wife began crying for her eggs.

A woodpecker, a close friend of the sparrow, heard her crying andmoved by her grief asked her, “Why are you crying, my friend? Wise men do not grieve what is lost or what is dead or what is past. That is the difference between a learned person and an unlettered man.”

The female sparrow said, “The wicked elephant has destroyedmyoffspring. If you are a true friend of mine suggest a way to kill him. In my view, he whoharms a person in trouble or he who ridicules a person in sorrow deserves to be punished and he who punishes such a person has no rebirth.”

“What you say is right,” said the woodpecker. “He is a friend whocomes to your aid when you are in need. Everyone tries to be friendly when you are prospering. You will see how resourceful I am. I have a friend who is a fly. With his help we can kill the elephant.”

Taking the female sparrow with him, the woodpecker called on the fly and told him, “This is my dearest friend. A wild elephant has squashed her eggs. You must somehow find a way to kill that elephant. We need your help.”

The fly said, “I have a friend who is a frog. Let us go to him and seek his help also.” The female sparrow, the woodpecker and the fly went to the frog and narrated the entire story of the sparrow's grief.

The frog said, “What is an elephant before a united crowd like us? Do as I tell you. O' fly, go to the elephant when the sun is high in the sky and hum a sweet tune into his ears. When he closes his eyes in ecstasy, the woodpecker will scoop his eyes out. He becomes blind and thirsty and will look for water. I will go to a quicksand and begin croaking there. Thinking that there is water, the elephant will come there and sink into the quicksand and die.”

All the four played out their roles according to the frog's plan and caused the death of the elephant.”

At the end of the story, the female pheasant told her husband, “That is how together the four friends killed the elephant.”

Impressed by his wife's wisdom, the husband said, “Okay, we will call our friends and with their help crush the Sea.' As their friends, the cranes, the peacocks, the cuckoos and other birds, gathered, the male pheasant told them the story of how the Sea had killed their offspring and how necessary it was to drain him out. At the end, he said, “We cannot do this job. Let us go to Garuda, Lord Vishnu's vehicle, and tell him all that has happened. He will be angry over what the Sea has done to his species. He will surely take revenge on the Sea.”

Wailing and weeping, all the birds went to meet Garuda and told him, “O lord, we need your help. The Sea has destroyed the eggs of the pheasant pair. This is a blow to all the bird community. If you do not intervene, he will destroy our entire tribe. Wise men have always said that one wicked person will be an inspiration to all others with evil intentions.”

Moved by their story of grief, Garuda thought to himself, “These birds have a legitimate grievance. I will go and punish the Sea.' Meanwhile, an envoy from Lord Vishnu came and told Garuda that the Lord had sent him as He wanted to travel to Amaravathi on a divine mission. The envoy asked Garuda to accompany him at once.

Garuda told the envoy, “No, I cannot come. I am not a useful servant. Let him take someone else. Please convey my regards to the Lord.”

Surprised at Garuda's words, the envoy said, “O Garuda, you have never uttered such words about the Lord. Did the Lord slight you in any manner? Let me know.”

“See, this Sea, the Lord's habitat, has swallowed the eggs of the pheasant pair. If the Lord does not punish the Sea for this, I shall not serve Him. This is my decision and you may convey this to the Lord,” said Garuda.

Informed of Garuda's pique, Vishnu told himself, “Garuda has reason to be annoyed with me. I shall go myself and receive him with respect. If the king is satisfied he can give only money. But when the master honours his servant, the servant is ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of the master. Therefore, it is wise that I should visit and appease him.”

When Vishnu arrived to meet him, Garuda felt guilty that he had said harsh words about the Lord and said, “O Lord, the Sea who enjoys your protection has stolen the eggs of my servants and thus insulted me. Because of respect for you, I delayed taking action against him.”

“True, learned men say that a master is responsible for the misdeeds of his servants. Such misdeeds hurt the master more than the servant. Come with me. I shall recover those eggs from the Sea and make the pheasant pair happy again. Later we will go to Amaravathi,” said Lord Vishnu.

The Lord then took out his thunderbolt and aiming it at the Sea warned him, “You wicked man, return the eggs to the bird pair. Otherwise, I will turn the sea into a desert.”

Frightened, the Sea returned the eggs to the pheasants. The male bird handed them to his wife.

“From this story,” Damanaka told Sanjeevaka, “it is evident that he who challenges an enemy without knowing his strength perishes in the end.”

“True, but how do I know that Pingalaka has evil designs against me? We have been very friendly. That makes it difficult for me think of killing him,” said Sanjeevaka.

Damanaka said, “He stares at you in anger if he has evil thoughts in his mind. Otherwise, you may safely think he is the same old affectionate friend. But if you decide to leave the place do it after sunset. Our elders have said that one must sacrifice an individual for the good of the community, give up caste for the good of the village and surrender a village for the good of the country. It is desirable to save money so that one can spend it in a crisis, spend money to save his wife and give up both his wealth and wife to save himself.”

After he gave this advice to Sanjeevaka, Damanaka went to see Karataka. Hailing him, Karataka said, “What happened to your mission?”

“I have just finished sowing the seeds of discord among the two friends. The rest is in the hands of God,” said Damanaka.

“Let me know how you did it.”

“I have carried tales from one to the other and succeeded in dividing the friends. You will not see them again together.”

“Oh, you have not done anything good. You have separated two good friends. You have made them hate each other. A wicked person knows only to harm but not mend.”

“You do not know political science. However strong you are, unless you kill the enemy or the disease at the very outset, your enemy or the disease will kill you in the end. Sanjeevaka stole the ministership from us and so he is our enemy. I won the king's assurance for him and brought him to the court of the king. Today, he has ousted us from our office. That is why I have plans to kill him. If he wants to save himself, he should leave this place. Wise men, like Chaturaka, do no hesitate to torment others to achieve their goal. Fools like the lion cannot enjoy even what they have won.”