Thursday, January 24, 2013

What is the confusion written on my face??

Hello Guys!! I am sick these time. I have stomach problem as well as skin problem. Its itching problem in in body. Ahh!! Bad na?? I also hate. Therefore I went to S.S.Hospital of my college BHU. Today, too much rush for Dr. Sanjay Singh, skin Specialist. I waited for 30 minutes, and oh! My number had been come. I told my problems. He observed me and wrote down cure. Then he handed over to a Ma'am, I moved to her, she told me "wait there and i am writing medicine." I waited few minutes but meanwhile I observed students under this doctor. Wow, one lady is so beautiful wearing goggles, and punjabi kurta. My God! looking so so... not share here. ok then Ma'am called me, first question from her was-"Could you understand Hindi?" I smiled myself and told her yes.. Then she made me understand the time table of medicines. Oh God! tough to remind... :( but I have to be.. After  that I returned to hostel. Bs itna sa hi hai.. 

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