Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hello Friends!! I hope you are all enjoying summer. This summer its too hot to survive. But hopefully we are trying to survive. So not talking too much, come to the point. I plan to do something new in this summer like posting new articles which may have some values in your point of view, some poetries which may rise some feelings in your heart and some bakwaas which are really my Dill ki Awaaz will get you all bored. Ok, now today’s topic is “WHY I FACE FAILED IN MY STUDY”.
As I already told you that I am pursuing B.Sc. (Hons.) from BHU. This year is 2nd year in BHU campus. But I still not face my pride in my study section. In first year I got many back in subjects, I shocked because I did not do anything for my hard work. Coming in 2nd year in third semester with GOD’s blessing WHO made me passed with 4.36 CGPA in first year. :’(
I just got victim of Year Back. So little bit Happy but much taking tension for future. Still worry and doing nothing. But I determined myself to do better in 3rd SEM. This become true in Dec. I just passed and no back in this semester.  Now there was 4th semester but season is winter. You can imagine yourself what will be the condition in winter season when you make yourself saved in razai. And trying to study. Yet it is herculean task but Der ke aage jeet hai. So no der to jeet kahe ka? This 4th sem  I could not study well and makin bakwaas. So in main exams I do not do better. And feeling fear for next year. Koi to upay batao ki mera BACK bac jaye!!! L L

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